Winter Barn Owl

Winter Barn Owl
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Monday, May 14, 2018

The Magic City of Prague

We are trying to take full advantage of our wonderful guides, Alan and Helma, who have tirelessly walked all the kilometers with us without ever complaining!   Given their knowledge, a three day visit to Prague was the final side trip of this holiday.

As we had one night in Vienna upon our return from Salzburg, we were again treated to a meal out at another Heuriger, this time a little closer to the apartment we were staying in.  We sampled a white and a red, accompanied by another fabulous home cooked meal.

 The selection of food was overwhelming, 
but we settled on a number of dishes

The following morning, we boarded an early train for Prague and spent 4 hours gazing at the countryside as it rushed by.  With a few hours of sunlight left upon arrival, we headed to the old section of town. We could feel the the history everywhere we walked...whose footsteps were we tracing??

 At every turn there was something to grab our attention.

These unique looking 'cylinders' are the best 'cone'  I have ever seen.  They can be filled with ice cream, nutella  or any other sweet filling that tempts you....the fun part is that you can pull each ring off and share with your friends.....!!
It was time for some
...a Czech beer just hit the spot!
 I could get used to this !
Plenty more of this lovely city coming up!

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