Winter Barn Owl

Winter Barn Owl
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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

A 'Taste' of Vienna

With Family living in Vienna, we have had a visit on our bucket list for some time now!  What better way to visit a new city 
then being guided around by locals??
Our voyage started in Montreal, sipping local Quebec beer.
After a 24 hour day with two plane rides and very little sleep, we felt a genuine Austrian meal was just the ticket.  We found a local 'guesthaus' outside the tourist area for a traditional meal!

We would have loved to sit out in the 'biergarten', but it was pouring with rain, so opted to side inside, next to an antique stove.
I am so glad that our dinner companions spoke German, as we would not have been able to either read or order from the menu. Not to worry, we were served traditional beef with fried onions, a veal patty and wiener schnitzel.  Don't forget the potato salad and greens!

Our first day was tiring but tons of fun!
Stay tuned for more sightseeing tomorrow!

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