Winter Barn Owl

Winter Barn Owl
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Sunday, May 13, 2018

The last day in Salzburg

Salzburg is such a lovely city with so much history, it is hard to fit everything in over a couple of days.  We made a valiant effort for our last day and explored what we could with the little time we had left.  After some fine pastries & pretzels...

...we went to visit another 'SoM' filming site; Residenzplatz
Next on the list was Hohensalzburg Castle. You can either walk all the way up the hill or take the funicular tram.  Even if you are are not a history buff, it is well worth going up, as the views are spectacular!!

View from the back of the castle
During the restoration, once some of the stucco had been removed,
what was revealed was impressive!

There was even a ceramic replica of what the castle looked like.
The interior courtyard was its own little village

Look back to see how the funicular has changed over the years
With only a few hours left of our stay, 
we happened upon a music festival,
so we stopped for some lunch.
I was impressed with the whole grilled fish on a stick
....'fish lollipop' anyone??
I opted for a smoked salmon roll instead

At the train station I marveled
 over all the bicycles. Double decker too!

Goodbye Salzburg....we will be back!


  1. Looks like the weather is with you and the scenery lovely.

    1. We have been very lucky! Managed to duck any rain so far!