Winter Barn Owl

Winter Barn Owl
Life's a Hoot !

Friday, September 6, 2019

Almost over

We spent the last few days of our time on the island watching some racing and enjoying the lovely scenery that it has to offer.
(taken out of the window of the car)

(another car picture)

We have made quite a few friends on the island and were thrilled we were able to have a visit with Gill & Neil for a chili dinner!
From the right - Gill, Neil, Ken, David & Christine

It is time to say goodbye to one of the most welcoming places,
 with the friendliest and hospitable people.

As the day we arrived was extremely windy, so was the last.
Here is Port St. Mary at high tide.

See you next year

We flew on to Manchester to catch our flight home.
We felt we chose the most fitting meal to end our journey!

 Thanks for taking this journey with us! 

Sunday, September 1, 2019

An afternoon in Peel

On one of the few sunny days we had, Ken and I decided to visit Peel, on the west coast.  One of its highlights are the castle ruins

A panorama of Peel beach 

A favourite pub with the motorcycle crowd
All the bikes parked outside confirms its popularity!
On our stroll, we came across a really, really small museum called The Manx Transportation Museum

An antique porter's trolley

Another thing Peel is known for is the Peel Trident
the smallest car ever made.
They are now very rare and are very valuable

Peel Harbour
We treated ourselves to dinner out at the local Italian restaurant in Port St. Mary, Andreas, run by a charming couple from Italy
...the real McCoy!!
Seafood fettuccine
Only a few days left.....

Saturday, August 31, 2019

More Northern Fun

Continuing our exploration of the North, we stopped in Andreas to meet an old friend for lunch.

We had lunch at a lovely pub called 'The Grosvenor" 
I tried their shrimp baguette....delish!

After lunch, we went to the most northern part of the island
 on the tip, called The Point of Ayre
It has fields of  heather and gorse, making it very colourful

The stony beach was baron and calm

It was a very misty day and the fog rolled in over the lighthouse

We headed to the east coast to visit Maughold
First thing we see is ......

We walked through an old church cemetery, to get to the footpath that took us down to the lighthouse

The views were fabulous

Friday, August 30, 2019

A day at the wildlife reserve

While the boys went off to a motorcycle event, 
Christine and I went to Curraghs Wildlife Park.
We have been twice before,
 so wanted to see if there were any new additions. 


Short-clawed Otter

The elusive Red Panda

A perfect pose for me

Spider Monkeys

Pink Flamigos

Spectacled Owl



Cute Meerkat

Quizzical Lemur
Caprese salad for dinner!

It was a perfect day with the animals.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

The northern part of the Island

We are very familiar with the south of the Island, 
so went exploring the northern part.

We started in Peel.

We headed to Laxey where the Woolen Mill was having an art exhibit.

We then headed further north to Ramsey 
to take a stroll at the harbour.

Found another one!!

I whipped up a curry for dinner!