Winter Barn Owl

Winter Barn Owl
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Sunday, December 20, 2015

"Super" Roger Hodgson

I have an absolutely amazing sister. 
 Actually, I have 3, but I want to talk about this one.
She called me up about 3 weeks ago and excitedly said, "I just got 2 tickets to see Roger Hodgson, who was the lead singer and major songwriter of the 70's group Supertramp......He is playing Place Des Arts in Montreal next week.....Do you want to come with me???"
Well, I didn't have to think about that twice - booked my transportation and away I went for a weekend of dining and music!

Before the concert, we decided to have dinner at the restaurant Brasserie T, the little brother of Montreal's Toque, which is known to be one of the city's best! 
The Brasserie is situated on the sidewalk near Place des Arts and is totally encased in glass.  No matter where you sit, you have a wonderful view of all the street activity.
The menu had too many tempting things to choose from, 
so we settled on a few sharing plates.
Goat Cheese + Potato Gratin

Beef Tartare

Mushrooms & a soft boiled egg

Duck Rillettes

All enjoyed with a cheeky red...
Off to the concert.....
Place Des Arts was built in 1963 with architecture that highlights that era.  Inside the concert hall the ceiling was 'art' itself.
Rodger and his band took to the stage
When I closed my eyes, I was transported back in time to the many Supertramp concerts I went to in my youth
The following evening, the girls and I all rolled up our sleeves, got our fingers sticky with rice and produced mouthwatering, homemade sushi!
No visit to Montreal would be complete without a smoked meat and pickle, so throughly enjoyed my parting lunch.....
    and hometown beer.....Molson Export!
Thank you Belinda for such a wonderful weekend!