Winter Barn Owl

Winter Barn Owl
Life's a Hoot !

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Will Spring Ever come??

We are a hearty breed, us 'true white north folks', but there comes a point when even 'we' are tired of the cold and white stuff.
We persevere through frigid temperatures, brave the cold and go to extreme lengths to try to enjoy 'summer fare'...
One of the ways to fill the time until outdoor activities can be enjoyed, is to practice and enhance my culinary skills.
First up....grilled salmon and asparagus with roast potatoes.
Followed by a seafood cioppino, chocked full of salmon, scallops, shrimp, halibut and tomatoes!
Finally, a chicken caesar with homemade dressing!

Easter saw a visit from our son M, who brought a lovely bubbly to celebrate his father's retirement.
As M is quite the wine connoisseur, a trip to Prince Edward county, our local wine region, was in order.  We took the the Glenora Ferry across the Bay of Quinte, which acted as an ice breaker, given that the water was still frozen!

 Our first stop was lunch at Agrarian Bistro in Bloomfield.
Homemade corned beef and Barley Days Brewery ale hit the spot.  After lunch, a trip down the stairs at Agrarian, led us to their quaint cheese shop that had all sorts of goodies!
M and his lovely wife, L, tweet about food, 
wine and events in 'the county':
We were introduced to a relatively new winery,
Domaine Darius, owned and run by Dave and Joni Gillingham, where we were treated to a taste of 'almost ready' port right from the barrel!  Delicious!  I can hardly wait until it is bottled!
A great finale to the weekend......Montreal bagel, cream cheese and Smoked salmon.
Now, all we need a is a little prolonged sunshine and its warmth to remove the chill of winter!