Winter Barn Owl

Winter Barn Owl
Life's a Hoot !

Sunday, July 22, 2018

A slice of life in rural Ontario

When I moved from the big city to the country over 20 years ago, I thought I was prepared for everything.  I have dealt with wells running dry, wild turkeys strolling across the front lawn and coyote howls in the middle of the night that sounded like they were just under my bedroom window!
I live next to a cattle farm, so often hear them mooing at night.....this morning the 'moo' was a little closer than expected...well, well.....Bessy decided the 'grass was greener on the other side of the fence'
She  looked at me as if to say:
"What's your problem lady...
...I am just having a little snack before I go home'.
I called 'Farmer Bob' to come fetch his cow and off she went back home...luckily, she didn't leave any gifts behind before she left!

With an exciting start to the day, it was time to head to Prince Edward County to meet friends for lunch at The Acoustic Grill 
in downtown Picton.
You can't go wrong with wings and MacKinnon Brewing beer!
 The ferry ride across the to the 'county' 
is always a fun 10 minutes to enjoy the view!

The fields along the way home
 waved their harvest in the gentle breeze.
What a fabulous day to be a 'country girl'!

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Summer sights

With the beautiful summer (hot) weather upon us, it is a perfect time to meet up with friends and spend time walking their garden, bursting with an abundance of blooms and whimsical art.

 There was even time to take a trip across the border to our favourite small village on the south shore of the 1,000 Islands, Clayton, NY.

No visit is complete without a stop at Bella's Restaurant

Chicken & cranberry panini

Lobster roll with pasta salad

 Just look at the view from their deck!
 While visiting the marina, you could just feel the love this mama had for her them enough space to have a nap, but keeping a close eye on them!

It was a wonderful day out with my family too!
More summer indulgences to come.....