Winter Barn Owl

Winter Barn Owl
Life's a Hoot !

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Communing with Nature

For such a small island, 
The Isle of Man boasts fabulous scenery at every turn.
On our way back from the Wildlife Park, Christine and I stopped at Glen Wyllin to check out the coastline. It is on the west coast of the island and this is the view looking north.

 Looking south, you can almost see the Cairn (monument on the hill on the far right) that sits it the backyard of the cottage we are renting
When we got back to the cottage,
 the view up to the Cairn was breathtaking
The next day, we headed south the the Sound, also known as the Calf of Man. Even though the clouds were ominous, (and it did pour down an hour later), the views were worth it!

 Here we have a family of seals checking out the visitors

 ...and this big guy basking on the rocks, keeping his distance

a fissure teaming with life
 Such a beautiful, serene vsta
After a fun day of sightseeing, we headed home to share dinner with our island friends.
Caprese salad to start
 followed by Sweet & Sour Chicken
 with the finishing touch....homemade lemon meringue pie
A fabulous day, ending with a fun evening with friends

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

A visit with the Animals

Given that I am an animal lover and advocate for their fair treatment, I am not in favour of zoos and circuses.  One of the exceptions is the Curraghs Wildlife Park in the IOM.  Their objective is to save endangered species through providing a living area that closely replicates their natural habitat. This  encourage a happy life ensuring a continuation of the species.

While we sent the boys off to play with the motorcycles, Christine and I 'took a walk on the wildside'.  Our first encounter was with the Humboldt Penguins...they were having a lovely time frolicking in the water.
The coatis were hiding today!
...but the Guannaco was enjoying lunch!
I thought the Maras were so cute!
This Macaques was the boss and tried to 'hit on' one of the ladies who wanted nothing
to do with it! (no film footage to protect the innocent) 
 It is hard to show exactly how large these capybaras' were!
These otters were thoroughly captivated by their fish entree!

 I have never met a 'red eared' turtle before...

 Ah, but the pink flamingos cast a lovely shadow on the water.

 I loved the song this Kookaburra was singing

 The Meerkats were as curious as ever!

 I met this lovely fella on his daily walk.....couldn't look me in the eye...I wonder what he was guilty of???

 The spider monkeys were not as lively as last year...just lounging around and not swinging by their tails on the ropes....

I think these Tapirs were ready to kiss until I showed up and ruined the moment.... 
And last, but not favourites...the Lemurs...

Unfortunately, someone was caught feeding them, which leads to food aggression, so management  decided that we are no longer allowed to enter their enclosure.....what a shame!!

More IOM adventures coming up....

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The First Race Day!

Saturday August 26, was the first race day.  It started in the morning with the Senior Classic TT Race.
Here is what the course looks like:
We were watching at Cronk y Voddy (#11), which allows for a fabulous view of the racers speeding up the hill at full throttle, running at  about 160 miles per hour.
Take a look at #2 Jamie Coward and 15 time TT winner #3 Michael Dunlop charge up the hill!

One of my favourite competitors is Maria Costello, a 20 year veteran racer, who is a 'Member of the British Empire', and well-known racer...she was running in third place for most of this race, but, very close to the end, she was passed and came in 4th.  Great job Maria!
After 152 miles and 4 laps, the winner was
 Australian champion and past British Superbike champion, Josh Brookes
After a lunch break, (no, you really don't want to see my chicken sandwich), we watched the Lightweight Classic TT.
Here are the first 2 off the starting gate, #1 Ian Lougher and winner,
setting a new lap record of 120 mph for a 250cc motorcycle,  #2 'Kiwi' Bruce Anstey
Hot on Bruce's heels is 15 times TT winner Irishman superstar, Michael Dunlop
Here is the winner, Bruce Anstey, on his final victory lap!
At the end of our day enjoying the high speed chases down the road, we headed to Port Erin for supper at The Station
A very cheesy lasagne
Fish & Chips


Sticky Toffee pudding
A visit with the animals tomorrow

Monday, August 28, 2017

Party in the Paddock

Just before all the racing excitement starts, a huge party takes place in the paddock, starting with a classic car and bike show.
1926 Austin

Not exactly sure what this is???
1954 MG TF

BMW racing side car

Late 1940's Norton off-road competition bike

1970's East German built MZ motorcycle
 I call this one "Kissing Kawasaki's"
There was a fabulous rock n roll band playing music,
 and even Elvis showed up!
Lots of fun for all ages!
After a full day, we came back to the cottage for a 'crock pot simmered' chicken curry...yumm!
A day at the races tomorrow.