Winter Barn Owl

Winter Barn Owl
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Thursday, August 24, 2017

A visit to Peel

Peel sits on the west coast of the Isle of Man
 and was critical in the protection of the island from invaders, with its large castle able to keep watch by land and sea.
 This visit took us up to the Leece Museum to browse through its collection of motorcycles and artifacts specific to Peel

Does anyone remember playing on a horse like this??
 A unique facet to the museum is a grotto full of racing bikes, with a backdrop of the TT course, allowing people to pretend they are actually racing....I had to give it a try.
Here is an old photograph showing how important the harbour was to the prosperity of Peel
Charitable giving was also very important to the town.
My favourite was a pair of shoes from the late 1700's
The harbour still bustles with boats today, 
although many are pleasure crafts.
More adventures tomorrow.......


  1. Looks like you are having fun ...

    1. We are having tons of fun....and the weather is better than expected!