Winter Barn Owl

Winter Barn Owl
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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Isle of Man - The trip begins

The next few posts will be about our adventures on the Isle of Man.  It is situated in the Irish Sea, between England and Ireland.  The island is 48 kms long and only 13 kms wide.  The geography boasts everything from rugged coasts, lush meadows alive with heather, dense forests, barren moors and looming mountains.

Every year it hosts thousands of motorcycle race enthusiasts who come over to watch the thrill of motorcycles zooming around the island at speeds of over 180 miles an hour, inches away from them as they sit along hedges.  It really gets your heart pounding.

Our journey starts with a short stop in Mississauga to drop the car off (thanks, V & G for the taxi services).  A quick meal at the airport Irish pub gets us in the mood for our UK adventure.

We squeezed into Air Transat seats meant for 'really small people' and endured the cramping for 7 hours.  Arriving into London, we were met with the traditional pea soup fog!

After a short flight from London to the Isle of Man, we check into our rented cottage and 'really' started our holiday.

The views from the cottage over Port Erin are breathtaking.

We enjoyed a light meal before heading off to a well deserved rest after being awake for more than 30 hours!

Check out the Isle of Man - it is surely the 'fork in the road' you want to take.

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