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Winter Barn Owl
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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Isle of Man - The story continues

Ah, don't you just love computers and 'cyber life'!  Just when I thought I could post every day, the wireless internet connection on my net book died.  Two days later and 50 UK pounds lighter, I am back in business.

Other than the motorcycle racing (which is the main reason we are here), one of the things on my IOM bucket list is to visit as many Glens as I could.  There are 17 of these fabulous places, each of which offers different degrees of difficulty to visit.  Some are meandering walking paths, while others require a need for good physical fitness (and hiking boots!). There are trails, paths, forests full of vegetation and a few with the reward of stunning waterfalls at the end!

The first we visited was Glen Maye which covers 11.5 acres. Each Glen has been rated by degrees of difficulty and she was considered moderate. Stairs were carved though the forest for ease of descent to our first 'waterfall'.
We continued along the path that would eventually lead us to the Irish Sea.  Water played a big part in this Glen as we encountered another gushing stream.

The rush of water over the millennium could be seen by the gorge that had carved its way to the sea.
Finally, after walking for over 40 minutes, the beach and (if a clear day) a view of Ireland.
After the return journey (all uphill!), I rewarded myself with my first 'pint'.  Oh, so good!
And a simple home cooked meal of roasted chicken, potatoes and peas.

The following day was spent visiting Port Erin, which is the town that can be seen from our cottage. In its hayday, it was THE spot to visit by the city elite of the Victoria era. The fresh country air and the sandy beaches drew thousands of visitors from the mainland (England) each summer.

Finally, the BIKES!  In evening, we went to watch the first practice race from one of our favourite pubs, The Crosby!  It really is a rush to be feet away from the bikes as they fly by.

Time to enjoy the pub grub of Lamb hot pot and Fish and Chips!

More forks in road to travel, just around the corner!

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  1. Glad you got you computer fixed and are back to tell the tale ...