Winter Barn Owl

Winter Barn Owl
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Friday, August 30, 2013

Isle of Man - Race day and Fairy visits!

We chose to view the races from a church at Bradden bridge.  The church auxiliary do a wonderful job of putting out pews on the front lawn for prime viewing.  They offer hot and cold lunches (for a small fee) and most importantly; cakes, cakes and more cakes!  With the 6 pound entry fee, you could have a free piece of cake. More on the cakes later. 

Here is a sample of some of the racing:

After racing was over, there was a parade lap of most of the previous race winners over the years.  Note #23 in the centre is Carolynn Sells, who you read about in the Jurby day post.  There are so few women riders on the TT circuit, they deserve a special mention!

And now, the long awaited cakes.  It was so hard to choose which one to have, but I settled on the homemade shortbread!

Adjacent to the church is an ancient gaveyard.  It was virtually impossible to read the headstones that had been weathered by time.  The stories they would have told....

Our next stop was at Peter Murray's motorcyle museum (all his personal collection).  Definitely worth a visit.

Our last stop was for a dose of  'good luck'; a visit to Fairy Bridge.  It is the home of the 'little people' on the island and is considered to be very lucky if you stop and make a wish.  People come from far and wide to hang momentoes, tie ribbons and send wishes to their departed friends.  If you are a racer, it is almost mandetory to come to ask the fairies for good luck!

We finished the day at our favourite local pub, The Station, in Port Erin with our friends, Barbara and Eric.  The salmon was yummy!

Tomorrow: Horses and monks....


  1. Princess Maddy received her fairy postcard and bd wishes ... hope you made a wish for both of us whilst at the fairy bridge.

  2. I most certainly did. K says he saw lots of guys with good hair and teeth, that appeared to be single. We posted your cell number to the tree!