Winter Barn Owl

Winter Barn Owl
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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Isle of Man - Food fair and Groudle Glen

On our next 'non race' day, we headed back to the capital, Douglas, to do some last minute shopping for gifts (yes, K, got your Isle of Man trinket).  Although it was raining, we were thrilled to see a thriving food and flower fair happening on The Strand.  There was everything you could imagine; olives, jams, salamis, crepes, 'turkish delight', cakes and even a huge pan of paella.

I had to take a picture of this smiling Italian; He even sucked his gut in for the picture! Too funny!


Our next Glen adventure took us to Groudle Glen.  It's history goes back to 1890 when an enterprising businessman purchased the lease for the whole Glen, built a hotel and promised 'romantic walks' and attractions.  It boasted sea lions and (sad to say) chained bear cubs for the amusement of the guests.  The highlights of the Glen are a water wheel and huge viaduct.  You can still hear it moaning and groaning as the wheel moves scooping up the water!

    Sad to see trees uprooted       
Ono our way back to the cottage, we traveled through Douglas.  This is the view of the bay we admired coming down the mountain.

Stay tuned for more racing and the 'church cakes'.


  1. so much food and all of it looks delicious. I would have never thought that there would be enough population to support a place like that with so much to sell.

    I wouldn't mind trying some of that Paella, except I would have to suck in my stomach too

    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. I would have loved to try everything, but all we did was 'window shop'. The smells were amazing!

  2. Oh boy, I can't wait - did you get me a solar powered garden gnome? The treats look yummy, better to take pictures of them than to buy them though -right?

  3. Ah, you guessed about the gnome! Better take it back now!