Winter Barn Owl

Winter Barn Owl
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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Isle of Man - A hikers dream: Glen Mooar (Spooyt Vane) & Dhoon Glen

If you love exercise, these two Glens are a must.  Glen Mooar, located on the west coast, is home to the highest waterfall, known as Spooyt Vane or 'White Spout'.  We walked through lust forest paths before heading down steep stairs, anticipating a wonderous site. We could hear the rush of water on our descent to the base of the falls.  We were not disappointed:

We have been most fortunate that the weather has co-operated during our walks.  Most of the paths would be extremely slippery if they were wet.  I really didn't fancy a head first fall down one of the ravines!!

After a hard day's hike we went back to the cottage for a cold supper of chicken salad, tomato caprese and crisp greens.  All washed down with a chilled Pinot, followed by a selection of cheeses with baguette!
The hike to Dhoon Glen continues tomorrow.  (I know K will be upset with me as she hates it when I tell her I have something to share with her, but by the way, I will tell you tomorrow)!


  1. Just have to ask what the two of you are doing on your hikes that you call it a "lust" forest? Freudian slip? TMI!

    1. Well, did you not notice the soft moss!! Very observant!