Winter Barn Owl

Winter Barn Owl
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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Isle of Man - And, they are off!

For the next race day, we drove to Ramsey, which is nearly at the top of the island, on the east coast.  We set up our folding chairs at May Hill, to catch all the action coming towards us and heading up the hill.  We had prime seats!  With my tripod firmly planted, I caught all the action:

On our way back home, we had to wait for the bridge over the harbour to come down from having let boats through.  I took the opportunity to catch the late afternoon sun cast shadows over the yachts.
To cap a perfect day, we dined looking over the water, with Port St. Mary in the back gound, at the Shore Hotel on the south coast.  My mouth had been watering for months, waiting for my first taste of a Manx classic, 'lamb shanks'.  I was not disappointed.

Joining us for dinner was our cottage mates and good friends from the UK.

I succumbed to desert (or pudding, as the Brits would say) when I was told the special was vanilla creme brule.  Ken had to try the apple and blackberry crumble.

  Tomorrow; food fair on the Strand and Groudle Glen


  1. As usual, I am salivating over your food. Can't decide which one; Vanilla creme brule, or the apple/blackberry crumble with ice cream. Did I say I love blackberries

    Riding the Wet Coast

  2. Trust you can read this. Have much enjoyed this Blog, the food and a narrative being of special interest !

    Hugs - Dad