Winter Barn Owl

Winter Barn Owl
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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Dhoon Glen (part 2)

We started the day in the capital of Douglas.  It is on the east coast and is where the ferry arrives from the mainland. The promenade still boasts the original mode of public transportation (mainly for tourists), the horse pulled tram.
The Isle of Man has 3 main industries; tourists, sheep and cattle farming and high finance (it is a tax haven).  You could be following a tractor on the road or a Ferrari.  Douglas is where all the 'deals' happen, so the headquarters are in lovely buildings, surrounded by flowers in full bloom.

The Strand is just behind the promenade allowing all the serious shoppers to linger on the pedestrian walkway, window shopping or spending serious 'pounds'.

We are about to head off to some 'serious' walking!  Dhoon Glen is one of the most challenging 'walks' non hikers can attempt.  You think you are in shape, but, oh no, this will make you hurt tomorrow!!  As we arrive, the extension of the horse drawn tram, the electric railway, pulls into station.
We know we are about to undertake a 'heart thumping' trek, but we are ready! Dhoon Glen covers 44 acres and has one of the highest and most spectacular waterfalls in all of the glens.  It totals over 130 feet in two drops.  Sounds spectacular!  Ok, we have to get down there and then we have to get back up.  Down and down we go; paths, steps, slippery slopes.  We meet people coming back up, huffing and puffing (one in flip-flops; how she made it up and down, I'll never know).  They looked at us like we were crazy!
If you had all day, you could take a more leisurely pace, but we had to get back to meet up with friends.  We were awarded with stunning views that the camera can't quite capture!

The further down we went, the quieter it become; a true paradise!

Who needs 'interval training"; our hearts were pumping on the way back up.  Good thing we got some exercise, because we tucked onto a tasty IOM beef burger with caramelized onion relish for dinner!
Bikes, bikes and more bikes to follow!!

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