Winter Barn Owl

Winter Barn Owl
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Monday, September 8, 2014

The Mill at Bishops Lydeard

Many years ago, mills were used to grind grain into flour.
Bishops Lydeard Mill was a fully functioning mill that had fallen into disrepair.
It has been painstakingly restored, over many years, to show its many visitors what life was like so long ago.

Prior to our visit, we had to shore up our strength, so stopped for a bite at the Farmers Arms, a 12th century pub.
Currently owned and run by a mother daughter team, it is steeped in history!
We had a charming table by the original fireplace and tucked into a tasty lunch 

Off to the Mill to step back in time
The front entrance and garden
Each room was a re-inactment of how it was run

Note the fellow in the mirror - sad to say that outhouses were not used
 and no one worried much about water contamination
 Once the flour had been ground at the bottom of the mill, it was hoisted up by pulley through the floor, then rested on the trap door as it closed behind itself
A sample of how a roof was thatched
 ...and crude cork screws (no rabbits in those days!)
I was tickled to see that a daughter got a billing instead the usual 'and sons' 
We checked out the wheel in action
They had a lovely outdoor tea garden, so we had to stop for scones and jam
It was a ducky day!
Choo choo up next!

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