Winter Barn Owl

Winter Barn Owl
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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Drag Races

Each year the town of Ramsey hosts the 'sprints', also known as drag racing.
Before heading out to watch the action, we stopped in the park at Mooragh Lake to take in another collection of vintage bikes

This guy wasn't going to let a disability stop him from going fast
Some of the bikes even had names......
.....and so did some cars!
The sprints take place on a public road bordering the ocean.
The drag bikes had to make sure their tires were good
and hot to get the best traction. 
This guy was rocking his bike back and forth for maximum speed!

A little live taste....
I still needed my 'Glen' fix, so headed to the base of Lhergy Frissel, 
to climb the steep embankment of Elfin Glen.
My objective was to get to the top to visit Albert Tower,
which has breathtaking views of Ramsey
The paths were not very well marked, so we did manage to lose our way a bit

It was difficult to decide which paths to follow, so we tried this one with a cute gate
I am disheartened to report we never found the right path so headed back with promises of trying again next year

We took solace in our defeat by joining our friends, the Drinkwaters, and our cottage mates for dinner at The Station in Port Erin.  You must know where this is leading and you are right.....Lamb Shanks!!!!

Stay tuned for our last day of racing.....


  1. Too bad you didn't make it to the top, but it looked like a lovely trail to walk.

    1. I did not take a picture of all the steep stairs we had to climb before even getting to the paths (which, by the way, were all uphill (both ways, haha)). Great cardio - right up your alley! We vowed to try again next year - we think we know where we went wrong!