Winter Barn Owl

Winter Barn Owl
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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

On the Grid for race day!

Earlier I mentioned that we were treated to All Access Grid Passes....
Well, here it is!
It gave me the opportunity to be with the racers as they were getting ready to start AND to be on the starting line with them.  What a treat!

I have never raced, but I can imagine that getting your mind and body ready for it must take considerable stamina.  There are very few female racers, but Maria Costello has proven herself over many times.  I almost felt like I was intruding while I watched her stretch before heading to the start line.
 I snapped Michael Dunlop through a series of events during this race.
.....talking to his crew before getting to the starting line....

...and leaving pit lane, looking disappointed, when his bike broke down...
Not everyone had a bad race......and off they go....

Here is what it looks like live...
K was in his element - never did he ever think he would be rubbing shoulders with such brave riders. It was a teenage dream come true!
These 3 handsome fellas were relaxing before their start.  
Keep your eye on the one to the right!
Once the race got underway, we moved to pit lane to watch the racers come in for more fuel
 Once topped up, off they go.....
The culmination of a thrilling day was being close enough to snap all the winners along with the pros!
A well deserved hug

Remember # 2??

The Ramsey 'sprints' (drag racing) up next!

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