Winter Barn Owl

Winter Barn Owl
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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Lyme Regis

We started the day with a walk through historic Ilminster.
I loved the name of this antique store...
 ...where you could pretend to be a Queen's guard if you wished
As I offered to cook dinner for a family reunion, I spent the afternoon preparing my 'chicken blanquette', an old family favourite
The 3 cousins

The following day, my aunt and I headed to Lyme Regis
 which is on the southern coast of Dorest
It is well known as a holiday favourite and has hosted many movie sets.
You can even rent these cute cabanas to store your beach things
 A stroll through the town reveals historic passages, shops and homes

Loved the outside staircase

The coast itself is deceiving.  It looks lovely.....
 ....but on closer inspection, it is falling into the sea
Efforts are being made to reinforce it with cement sea walls.

We lunched overlooking the harbour at Hix Oyster and Fish House
owned by renowned chef Mark Hix
We feasted on Scrumpy Fried Rock Oysters on watercress mayo,
Fish Pie and Curried Axmouth Huss
All washed down with a crisp white
Tomorrow, mills and trains.....

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