Winter Barn Owl

Winter Barn Owl
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Saturday, September 20, 2014

New Forest - Part 1

One of our UK rituals is to visit a lovely spot called The New Forest.
Over 2 days, Netley Marsh and Beaulieu host an auto/motorcycle-jumble (giant flea market for classic car & motorcycle parts) where the boys can cruise through the vast fields drooling over all the bits and parts.
What I like the most is that The New Forest is a haven for horses, cows and donkeys, where they roam free and wander about town with joyful abandon.  They have the 'right of way' over cars, so have been known to create traffic jams if they decide to cross the road, or even go for a stroll!
 We checked into Woodlands Lodge, a charming family run hotel
We shared the parking lot with a loving family
We left the boys to do their meandering while we scoped out a place for lunch
where we dined on tasty sandwiches and cold beer
After lunch, we strolled through the charming village of Lyndhurst

There must be quite a few well-healed residents in the area!
the local car dealership - Ferrari, no less!
Later that evening we decided to stay at the lodge for our dinner.
The boys opted for the steak,
while the girls feasted on lamb...
Next up, more animal encounters and village visits.

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