Winter Barn Owl

Winter Barn Owl
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Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Medieval village of NAJAC

Had my grandmother not stumbled across the medieval village of Najac in the Aveyron, and bought a house there, my youth, and my sister Trish's path in life, would be very different!
As teenagers, we would be sent to France to spend time with Granny.  At that age, we did not fully appreciate the beautiful village that it was.  The most important thing to us was hanging around with the local kids and having fun.  It was during one of those fateful summers that Trish met her future husband and stayed in France
 to live her life and raise her daughters.

The village is built on a ridge, with the castle at one 'top' end and the market square on the other.
As you descend into the lower area, the views are stunning.
The architecture definitely shows it 13th century roots.

 Walking from one top to the other is quite strenuous, but after a few breaks, and a stop for lunch at the local cafe (where I can't begin to say how many hours I spent there over the years).....

.....we ended up in front of  my Granny's house
 (no longer in the family after her passing).
  We had to stop for a family photo!
(I can still see her at the lower window peering out, looking for us to return after night out with our friends)
 A short walk up another hill took us to the castle for a visit.....

 ......and a lesson on its history by my Uncle Andy.
This model shows what the castle looked like during its heyday....
 After a lovely afternoon enjoying the views.....

....we headed back up to the market area to celebrate my birthday.

Me, Trish & Dad

A typical french dish; duck breast
Najac brings back so many memories for me, that I was so happy to be able to share it with my family again.

Stayed tuned for Cordes-sur-ciel and Albi

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