Winter Barn Owl

Winter Barn Owl
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Monday, August 22, 2016

Port Soderick & Langness

We awoke to a brilliantly blue sky and warm sunshine 
(by IOM standards...)
The sea in Port St Mary Bay was no longer fierce
 and her tide was fully out.
 We are sharing a cottage again this year with our UK friends, 
Christine and David.
Today was the perfect day to do some sightseeing
 of places we had not yet visited.
We first headed to the eastern coast of the island, to 
the abandoned site of a 19th century hotel, 
catering to vacationers from abroad, Port Soderick

(click here for pictures from the past)
 All that is left is a promenade, beach and a closed up cliff walkway sad to see.

 I can see why it was so popular with tourists and locals alike....
check out this stunning view
 The property has been recently bought, but there are no plans for revitalization at this time.
The views from the top of the hill were also breathtaking

We then headed to the south east corner, 
to visit a peninsula called Langness.
Other than a golf course, 
it is home to many birds and an 11th century fortress & church.
They were built by Henry the 8th to protect against any invaders.

 Of course, no community, no matter how small, 
is complete without a place of worship!

 It looked so forlorn sitting out in the grass, a shell of its glorious past
 Walking in the fresh air is hungry work, 
so I whipped up some pasta for the troops!
Delicious after our day outdoors.
A special shout-out for Kaitlyn R., a young lady who is a recent follower.  She definitely has the travel bug and will undoubtedly follow her wanderlust in the future! 

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