Winter Barn Owl

Winter Barn Owl
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Thursday, August 25, 2016

First night of practice at the Classic TT

The main focus over the next 2 weeks is the motorcycle racing.  Even the most seasoned riders need to re-familiarize themselves with the 
37 3/4 mile course around the island.
We headed to our favourite viewing spot, 'Harold's Farm', near Greeba.  93 year old Harold lets any spectator who wishes, come to his farm and stand in his front garden or lean over the wall in his field to watch the racers whiz by.  Every year I look forward to seeing how large the sunflower is in his garden.
The most coveted viewing spot in the garden, is an elevated ledge against the garage which allows you to get a better angle as the riders come around the turn.  Harold reserves that spot for his friends, so I was honoured that he allowed me up there to take some snaps.
Michael Dunlop,a prohibitive favourite to be a winner - 1100 Suzuki

Masayuki Yamanaka on a 600 Honda has close company
Dean Harrison, a front runner, on a 750 Kawasaki
Andrew Dudgeon - 600 Suzuki, David Lumsden 600 Honda
 Safe ride guys.....

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