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Winter Barn Owl
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Thursday, September 5, 2013

The 2 Lawrences....

Today we headed to Moreton to visit a very unique church.  Every window was engraved by Laurence Whistler, whose brother was another famous artist, Rex Whistler.

Each window reflected different scenes.
My favourite was commissioned by my grandmother's oldest friend, Mildred, to pay tribute to her husband who died in the war.  Note the plane on the bottom right.

inside view

outside view 
 Not far from the church, we visited the village graveyard, which is the resting place of T.E. Lawrence, who is better known as Lawrence of Arabia.  If you would like more information (in a fun way), a film was made of his life starring Peter O'Toole.
All this church visiting business is very hungry work, so we headed off  to the old school house for a lovely lunch (and not the awful cafeteria stuff I can remember from high school).
Even sandwiches in England are not your 'garden variety'.  My brie, back bacon (hot) and cranberry was gooey and delicious.
Our next stop took us to Burton Bradstock, on the jurassic coast (and no, we did not see any dinosaurs!)  I stayed in the hotel on the top of the cliff a number of years ago, so it was a nostalgic visit.

Some of us (not me) had to stop for a 'cream tea' at the beach cafe, so tucked into scones, clotted cream and jam!  (I am not naming names in order to protect the guilty).

Our last stop before heading home, took us to West Bay.

Tomorrow: the ancient Roman city of Exeter.



  1. Lovin' the history ... I came across a vintage motorcycle blog with a post about Lawrence with pictures of him on his Brough Superior SS100. (There's always a connection.)

  2. I would love to see that blog....can you send me the link!