Winter Barn Owl

Winter Barn Owl
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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Isle of Man - last day of races!

It is hard to believe that after 2 weeks, we are at the last race day.  We watched from an area called the 'Goseneck'.  It is quite high up and commands an impressive view of Ramsey and in the background, The Point of Ayre, the northernmost part of the Isle of Man
 The racing gets underway!

I will digress for a moment and fill in a few forgotten moments from Peel yesterday.  The Isle of Man sustained itself for years through the ample supply of fish. It was invaded many times by the vikings. A beautiful monument sits outside The House of Manannan (a museum) paying homage to the fisherman and the Vikings.

Anyone who knows me knows that I frequent our local restaurant called the Creekside, or as we call it, 'The Creek'.   I was delighted to find another one in Peel, but did not partake of any refreshments.

The Island's tartan tells the whole story of what is important to their history.
 For our final meal on the island, my friend John, pub Manager at the Station, made a special run to the butcher to make me lamb shanks for dinner.  A delicious end to our island visit.

Good bye to the Isle of Man. See you again next year.

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