Winter Barn Owl

Winter Barn Owl
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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

New Forest, Kingston Lacey and good-bye to England.

Our last full day in England again saw the boys and girls split up.  After a hearty 'full English fry up', we dropped the boys off at Beaulieu, to attend a HUGE car and motorcycle extravaganza while the girls headed off for more culture.
An hour outside of the New Forest sits another one of England's treasures; Kingston Lacey, a magnificent estate complete with manor house and many types of gardens. 


Owned by the Banks family for over 300 years, (now owned by the National Trust) it has an outstanding collection of art, including a Guido Reni fresco, returned to the library ceiling for the first time in a quarter of a century.
                   The drawing room was elegant, yet cozy.
Can you just imagine being invited to a formal dinner and being lavished with a 10 course meal accompanied by music as you ate..

             The 'Spanish Room' had an impressive gilded ceiling.
I would have felt very comfortable if this was my bedroom and bathroom (given how old it was...)

My favourite painting had so many shadows, that the artist gave it a life of its own tricking you into seeing a chiseled statue.
Heading to the very top of the house, the children's bedrooms and play areas were well lit by the elegantly carved dome.

The dishes used in the kitchen were obviously chosen by a cat lover.  Note the bells in the kitchen that alerted the servants where they were needed by the gentry of the home.

   I would have loved to have the key to this wine cellar!
As we strolled the estate, we were taken aback at the beauty of the well manicured lawns and gardens.

Our final evening meal was at the local village pub, The Bell.  The perfect burger!
The following day, we said our final good-byes to my aunt, cousins and Isle of Man travel mates (who ironically live in the same village) and flew a quiet, smooth flight back across the pond.

The fork in this road took me back to my home, furries and friends.

A special thanks to everyone who hosted us, drove us, looked after our animals, checked on the house, looked after my business and did airport chauffeuring.  You know who you are!  THANK YOU.


  1. Seems a shame to have to return home after sampling all that delicious food "over there". That was a very luxurious Manor, hard to believe how the other half lived back then. It does look comfortable and elegant but can't imagine living there. I would not like to see the heating bill.

    That painting did look like a chiseled statute. I couldn't help but stare at it.

    I liked the bacon and eggs breakfast in that first photo too. Makes me hungry

    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. We needed to come home to go on a diet!
      I could imagine that the Manor had hot and cold running servants, and given how wealthy they were, they probably didn't worry about the heating bill!
      I loved that painting too. I am glad my super-duper camera was able to capture the shadows properly.
      I didn't take a picture of the stack of toast that came with the eggs; I thought that would look too greedy!