Winter Barn Owl

Winter Barn Owl
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Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Final Race

The culmination of a week of practice and one of racing, has everyone anticipating the Senior Manx Grand Prix.  
We went back to one of our favourite spots, Harold's Farm, to watch.  
We were not disappointed, as it was an extremely exciting race, 
with the first 3 riders duking it out, neck and neck until the finish.

The winner, Tom Weeden, on a 675 Trimuph Daytona, 
clocked in at a time of
 Followed by second place winner, Andrew Dudgeon, on a 600 Suzuki, with a finish time of That's right, a difference of less than one second after 150 miles of racing.  Incredible!

 In third, was Joe Akroyd, also on a 600 Suzuki, 
with a finishing time of

Even if you aren't a fan of road racing, you have to be impressed with the 'seconds' between the finishing times.  
Most awe inspiring!  Congratulations guys!

With racing over and a free afternoon ahead of us, we went exploring areas of the island that we had never seen before.  
As we headed over the mountain....
  we checked out an old abandoned mine.

It must have been a very hard life for the miners.

I still am totally in awe of what lays before me....
....and the heather that graces the fields

A walk through Glen Helen coming up

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