Winter Barn Owl

Winter Barn Owl
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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Senior Classic TT Race

Let the racing begin.
 We chose to view the first race of the day at Hillberry.
It has a view up a long straight stretch, where the riders come screaming down, then a sharp right up an incline.  We were right at the front, so were able to watch some great action.

John McGuinness on his first lap (and winner!)
Coming hard around the corner

Will he catch me???

Another potential overtaking...
Third place winner....Maria Costello!  Way to go girl!
John on his last lap to victory!

 For the afternoon race, we moved further up the mountain to
 Creg Ny Baa, a very famous place to watch.
The racers are running at top speeds coming down the mountain before heading towards the finish line.

 The finale for the day was a parade lap...check out this video
 Home for a traditional dinner of sausage, mash and beans!
 A visit to Jurby on the agenda for tomorrow

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