Winter Barn Owl

Winter Barn Owl
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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Closer to the Bikes

Even if you have no interest in motorcycle racing, you have to be impressed with how close you can get to the racers as they fly past you at 140 miles per hour.  You block out the fact that they are so close, any mishap could not have a happy ending, for them or you.  
Ignorance is bliss and the thrill of being right in the thick of  it keeps you riveted to the action.
Look at this relic from the past...a Victorian era mailbox right in the middle of the stonewall
 We chose our spot to watch, in Barregarrow, and waited for the action to start. The farmer who owns the land provides every amenity you could wish for...a lovely viewing spot and numerous CLEAN facilities.
Here they come!

 You can't imagine the speed they are whizzing past you at. 
I am lucky to have a professional camera that lets me capture it all.
As much as I love the racing, I am drawn to the scenery that provides postal card images at every turn.  The farmer pointed out to me that the view I was admiring, as I was exploring his field, was the Mull of Kyntyre, in Scotland, off in the distance.
Listen to Paul McCartney sing about it.... 
Look way off in the distance to see Scotland
The afternoon races took us to the other side of the road where the excitement and closeness of the riders was even more exhilarating.  They flew past our feet at an unimaginable speed. 

 It is hard for someone not there to imagine how close the riders are to the spectators....who needs an amusement park....!
 After a full day of racing, time for a humble meal at the cottage.
Come explore Port St Mary next....

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