Winter Barn Owl

Winter Barn Owl
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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Ramsey Sprints

Ramsey, on the northeast side of the island, 
is home to the annual 'sprints' (drag racing). 
A part of the promenade is closed off to allow bikes to 'strut their stuff', leaving skid marks behind them as they blast down the straight.  "Command central" for the sprints, is run out of this bus.  Gotta love the re-purposing of all the old double-decker buses! 

A few 'hot rods' were on display......

....and, my favourite, this miniature postal truck
Having had enough of 'near complete hearing loss', (wow, are those bikes ever loud), I strolled the promenade and headed into town.
 As I have seen in many of the Island's port cities, 
there is prosperity.....

              and sad to see.

When I visited last year, the bridge that links the promenade to the town was being rebuilt.  It is now open for business, 
allowing more activity in the town centre.

  The town square boasted a long standing chess game and a young lad who 'struck a pose' for the camera! (cheeky little thing)
On my bucket list for this trip, was another visit to 
the most northerly place on the island:
'The point of Ayre.'

We had a short stop in Bride on our way home. The town's children had created mosaics to adorn the buildings.
Coming up......farewell IOM, hello Manchester....

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