Winter Barn Owl

Winter Barn Owl
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Monday, September 7, 2015

350cc Classic, F1 & F2 races around the Island

I can't complain that there wasn't enough racing.
With so many great vantage points to watch from, we chose Hillberry for the 350cc classic, so we could watch the bikes scream down the hill at 
140 mph from Creg-ny-Baa.
 They then have a sharp turn beore heading towards the finish line,
 a few miles away.

Although the 350cc race was postponed for many hours, due to technical issues with the communication system between the marshal points, they did manage to get in the Formula 1 & 2 race.  We hoofed it over the paddock to mingle with riders and bikes as they were preparing themselves for the race.

Michael Dunlop gets interviewed for a TV show
...and his Brother, William, chatting with his crew
 The riders get into line, waiting for the 'tap' on their shoulder sending them down Bray Hill
What a surprise, Michael Dunlop takes the finish and burns some rubber for the fans waiting at the winners paddock
Michael giving his winning interview
 I was so touched by the third place winner, who broke into tears 
Ryan Farquhar
Racing done, home for Italian....yum!
Stay tuned for the Laxey woolen mill and a visit to Peel


  1. Nice shot down that straight stretch.

    1. Love my Nikon 3200.....I had to stand on a embankment to get that show!