Winter Barn Owl

Winter Barn Owl
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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

An afternoon in Laxey

During a non race day, we took a leisurely drive up the east coast to Laxey, home of the Woolen Mill...
We packed a picnic lunch and sat on the promenade enjoying the warm sun and light breeze...
...enjoying the view of the bay while appreciating the fortitude of the young children swimming in the freezing water...
  Given that the island was flooded with bikes, it wasn't a surprise to see a line up of rare BSA Gold Stars out for a ride
Laxey's livelihood, during the 1700's to early 1900, was mining.  This statue sits in memory of the men who spent their lives (and sometimes lost them) working in the mines...
I wrote about the 'Laxey Wheel', known as Lady Isabella.  
But have you met Lady Evelyn?
In all our years visiting the Island, we seem to have missed her, hiding behind stone walls and high trees.
  She sits on the grounds of the 'washing floor' where the waste stone was separated from the ore.
It is now a lovely park with wrought iron art work and a dedication to the men of Laxey who lost their lives during both world wars.

Even the old ore carts were filled with blooms
 We capped off a great day enjoying dinner with our friends, Barbara and Eric, who own the charming B&B West Lodge
and our flatmates, David & Christine.
Spicy chicken curry
Barbara's 'Good old fashioned' English triffle
Next up, more racing.....


  1. That chicken curry looks very familiar!

    1. Why yes, I hope you enjoyed the leftovers we brought back with us! Just kidding! My new 'go to' fast meal!