Winter Barn Owl

Winter Barn Owl
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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Jr Manx Grand Prix

Finding a good vantage point to watch the races is paramount!  Arguably, watching the bikes come down off the mountain and take the sharp right at Crag Ny Baa is a prime spot.  Usually, spectators are either in the grandstands, or behind fences to provide a small form of protection.  The risk takers (me) climbed over fences and walked through fields looking for the best spot to take some pictures.  It is hard to convey the speed the bikes are traveling at as they whiz by, and how hard it is to capture that on film, but I can say that most people with snapshot cameras or i-phones are not able 'stop the motion'.  I have been practicing with my trusty Nikon 3200 for over 6 years, so am happy to share the fruits of my labour....

I even managed to catch this shot between the buildings...
I changed locations to try to get the right hander that takes them down the stretch to Hillberry

With the races over, I stumbled across this interesting machine in the parking lot
 As we headed down the mountain, we stopped to snap the view.....
...and these beauties came bouding up to me to say hello 
(and stop for a snack)
We rounded out the day with a visit to new friends at their fabulous 'vintage' stone house.

Ramsey coming up......


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    1. The part to the right is the original house, with the left being the new addition. It is lovely inside too.