Winter Barn Owl

Winter Barn Owl
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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Wakes and Woofs!

Each year, Kingston hosts hundreds of 'cigarette boats' for their annual poker run down the St. Lawrence, leaving their huge 'wakes' as they scream down through the 1000 islands.
They congregated at Confederation basin, enthralling the crowds who wait patiently for the loud roars and plumes of spray as they try for the best poker hand.

Confederation Park is full of history as it once served as
 downtown's train station.
'The Spirit of Sir John A. McDonald' sits proudly in the park as a dedication to its past.
As the boats start heading out of the harbour,
 everyone is captivated by "My Way", fascinated by its engine which is  propelled by jet fuel.
 Notice the heat coming off the stern!
and they are off......
A visit to downtown is not complete without a walk through 'Market Square', behind City Hall, on 'market' day!

Another major international event was also happening; 
the annual Kingston Sheep dog Trials
Activites abounded, such as The agility course.....
and the hugely popular 'Dock Dogs' - check out this video!
More Jumps...

A wonderful weekend, culminating in a fabulous steak dinner....
.....and spectacular sky


  1. You captured some nice spray from "My Way." Too bad we missed the real run on open water. Next year - maybe from atop the Ivy Lea bridge!