Winter Barn Owl

Winter Barn Owl
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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Medieval Times in the Isle of Man

Good morning, Port St Mary
Our adventure for today was a to get in touch with the past.
Castletown, on the south east part of the island, is home to Castle Rushen, which was the main protection against the invading forces.

Although its main purpose was to keep the enemies out, it was also used to keep convicts it....imagine being shackled up in these!
...with this for a view...
...and having this as your 'privy'...
(this view came with full sound effects - charming!)
Seems a little barbaric to me....
If you did get a chance to escape to the roof of the castle, you probably would not have been able to scale the walls down, but you would have had a fabulous view!
  Enough history, time to enjoy the scenery...Niarbyl 
has the best view of the western coast of the island...
  We carried on up the west coast to Glen Maye to take in the calming effects of this famous waterfall
Off to Harold's farm for night 1 of practice - it was cut short,
but the bees still had time for dinner.
Then off to our favourite Italian restaurant, Andreas,
for a delicious dinner....
Pepperoni, artichoke & olive pizza with a fried egg

Warm chevre cheese with pecans

Seafood linguine
All in all, a busy but fab day!