Winter Barn Owl

Winter Barn Owl
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Monday, August 31, 2015

A little more History

Given that we feel very much at home on the island, we take pride in showing off its rich history. For my aunt's last day here, we felt a visit to Peel, taking in a museum and castle, 
would be a perfect ending to her visit.
 Inside the House of Manannan there were many recreations of what life was like many years ago when the first settlers inhabited the island.  This is an example of a communal living soddy, that protected its inhabitants from the elements, while creating a cozy environment.
The museum was like walking through time.  What I found fascinating were the machines used to make life a little this machine used to make 'hard tack biscuits' which were essential supplies aboard ships in the 19th century.  
If kept dry, they would last for months, if not years!
....and this net making machine, which usually would have been worked by a women using a foot operated treadle.  During this period, if it involved fish, you could count on a quarter of  the island's population being employed.
 After a quick picnic lunch overlooking the harbour.....

....we headed over to Peel castle to take in another slice of its base, fishing boats resting until the salty air lured them out to sea...
The entrance to the castle had a very unusual portal, 
with a 'door within a door'?????....
 Prior to being a fortress....
it was a monastary, with ruins to attest to its past history
 Surrounding its base are 2 bays, one of which is a popular beach.
Now, off to Ramsey to visit the Grove House which was the summer home of the Gibb family.
Their genteel way of life was reminisent of 'Downton Abbey' life with bells for servants and rules for the 'maid of all work'

 A long and tiring day, with relaxing views to come home to......
view from the front window...

...and the back window.
Off to the 50's revival at the paddock coming up....


  1. Those hard tack biscuits remind me of one buns ... wonder if they're made the same way :oD
    Nice views!

    1. Never heard of 'one buns'....
      Yes, the views are great here!