Winter Barn Owl

Winter Barn Owl
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Monday, August 3, 2015

100 kilometer journey

Given that it is a long weekend here, I took the opportunity of an extra day off to travel within a 100 kilometer radius of home.
First up, a trip for lunch to Perth, Ontario.
There are many wonderful restaurants to choose from, but decided on
What caught my attention was the lure of this burger:
A Nutty (Veg) Burger A blend of pecans, peanuts and almonds ground in our kitchen, mixed with fresh herbs and vegetables, crisp Bibb lettuce and tomatoes, then crowned with our house peach jam. Served with fresh greens, fresh fruit, balsamic vinaigrette and sweet potato fries topped with a local maple syrup drizzle.
All washed down with local brew....

Next up, a trip to the village of Westport for a car show at the local church.

There was something for everyone:

For fans of the movie GREASE, a replica of 'Greased Lightning'
Then, back to Kingston for a fabulous dinner at Le Chien Noir

Final outing; off to Prince Edward County for a stroll in Bloomfield
and lunch at Agrarian Market and Speakeasy
A first for me; Eggs Benedict poutine!
Yummy poached eggs with hollandaise, bacon and parmesan sitting atop crispy fries!

The crowning glory of the weekend;
ice cream from Slickers Ice Cream
Happy long weekend!


  1. Ah, but it's over ...
    PS, the idea of poached egg on French fries, well! I think you know how I feel about that one.

    1. Didn't stop you from picking the fries around the perimeter of the dish! You missed the best part with the runny yoke making the 'gravy'. Yummmm

    2. Well, that's because my $14 lunch consisted of 3 pieces of cheese and a couple of almonds - I was starving!