Winter Barn Owl

Winter Barn Owl
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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Mann Cat Sanctuary - Special Feature!

Those of you who know me are aware that all things 'animal' draw me in.  I have known for some time about the Mann Cat Sanctuary (Santon, Isle of Man) but have never had the chance to visit. I had the opportunity while visiting in June.
Kitty Heaven!
Every conceivable bed, chair, perch and carpet was 'littered'
with cats of all sizes and shapes!
 Even the shelves of food and goodies were great places to sit!
The sanctuary was founded in 1996, by Sue Critchley and Carole Corlett, to provide a safe and peaceful haven for unwanted, disabled and traumatized cats.

 The sanctuary is run solely by a small, dedicated group of caring unselfish volunteers. They work tirelessly trapping feral cats, making numerous trips to and from vets, grooming and sitting for hours simply comforting their residents.
 The cats are free to roam the 2 indoor rooms as well as the outdoor enclosure

They even open their doors to a 'clucking' family and a beautiful parrot

If you would like to see this fascinating place for yourself, check out their live webcams:



  1. Nice photo of the dog and the fog ... but that's just too many cats for me. Good for them for taking in the strays.

    1. If they did not get taken in, many of these cats would be a statistic! I am amazed at how well they all get along!

  2. B:

    I was just thinking "glad they aren't all dogs". Imagine stepping on all those brown things . . . Is there such a thing as "cat smell" ?

    did you know that Vancouver had a Dog Law ? Not sure about cats though. A resident is not allowed to have more than 3 dogs in one residence. We had two dogs and were taking care of two others and we were reported.

    Riding the Wet Coast