Winter Barn Owl

Winter Barn Owl
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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Canada Aviation & Space Museum in Ottawa

While in Ottawa for the 'North American MGA Register get together',
we visited the Canada Aviation & Space Museum

A slice of early aviation history
A 1925 Henderson motorcycle
Fighter planes protecting Canadians

All that is left of the Avro Arrow
A rescue helicopter
Salvaging and reconstructing 'La Vigilance'

the original hull sits next to the reconstructed plane
Ever seen an engine up close?

Taking my first flying lesson
Engine art
Our finest in 'formation'
Stay tuned for the NAMGAR get together pictures!


  1. B:

    I've owned Two MGB's and my friend had an MGA but I haven't seen an MGA in "years", not counting the one I saw in Battersea. I know there is an active club here and they generally show up at the VanDusen British days on the May long weekend.

    I liked the "La Vigilance", so sleek and sensuous looking . . . that's the one I would have. I would like to see you fly that thing. Seeing that you're in the pilot's seat, you're half way there

    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. Bob,
      There was quite the contingent of cars from the 'wet coast', with 150 in all from all over North America. Car blog to follow!
      There is quite a story to the raising of La Vigilance. I am sure you could find the whole story online!
      I think I would rather fly first class, as a passenger, sipping champagne as opposed to being in the driver's seat!