Winter Barn Owl

Winter Barn Owl
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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sheba's Haven

Imagine living 'the doggie dream'. 
Having a family, great food, a warm bed and lots of love.
What went wrong??
We got old and sick and now we are a burden.
 It's a great thing that we found our way into Catherine and Bill's home!

Grandpa Louis
Let us introduce ourselves.... 
We are the family that lives at Sheba's Haven.
Each of us have a story to tell!
Pappy and Jude (in front) - Grandpa Louis, Danny & Toula (in the back)
 All 14 of us live in harmony, with more love than we had before we got here.
Danny & Toula
  It all started with our first sibling, Sheba.  She was 15 1/2 years and abandoned.  She was very sick with cancer, liver damage and Cushing's disease.
Clover - did I hear you say 'cookie'? (Even though I am blind, I love to give kisses)
Abandoned and scared, in stepped Catherine and Bill to rescue her.
Toula, Danny (in the back) and Pappy
 She had plenty to eat and when she was feeling better
 she went outside to play in the biggest yard she had every seen.
Danny (I don't have my eyes anymore, but I have plenty of love for you)
  Healing herbs made her much better and for the last year of her life,
 she knew what love was.
Pappy & Ralph
 Oh, how lucky she was to be so pampered!
Ralph & Pappy
 For the last year and a half of her life, she was treated with respect, love and care.
Ralph, Pappy & Synjyn
 We all get lots of help to make sure we can get around our fabulous back yard!
 Cuddles make life that much better!
Catherine & Synjyn
 Times for rest and recuperation.
Jazz (Recovering from surgery)
 I live for couch time!
Jerry Maguire (Show me the money!!)
Sheba's Haven rescues palliative dogs with life-limiting non-curative illnesses who live out their lives in a well balance environment as part of the family.
They are free to roam indoors or outside in their fenced 3 acre property.

They are a a non-profit organization that relies on your generous support.  
Please consider making a donation to help:

1830 Sunbury Road, RR2 Inverary, Ontario K0H 1H0
(613) 353-6923


  1. I LOVE Sheba's Haven! I have visited twice and it is a wonderful place!! Thank you for loving these special babie.

    1. Catherine and Bill are such loving, generous people! The dogs are certainly loved and spoiled!

  2. ELSIE & I love Catherine and Bill and Sheba's Haven. We'll do anything and everything to spport all those sweet residents.