Winter Barn Owl

Winter Barn Owl
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Sunday, June 1, 2014

A day at the races

Saturday was the start of the 2014 TT races.  We found a great spot at May Hill in Ramsay to watch.  The Superbikes were up first featuring the best road racers in the world, such as John McGuinness, Michael Dunlop, Guy Martin and Conor Cummins.  The average speed was in excess of 130 mph. 
 Here is a taste of how close we were to the action:

For the afternoon sidecar races, we moved to Sulby bridge. 
The passengers made moving their bodies from side to side seem effortless!

We walked 2 kms (V-star Lady), to Port St. Mary for dinner.
I had to have fish and chips at least once, right??
We passed a farm on our way back, with freshly sheared sheep.  
This little guy was so happy to be free of his heavy coat that he used the nearest branch to scratch his back.

Tomorrow, a day of rest!


  1. B:

    You walked 2kms for Fish & Chips ? How far from home to the Creek ? more than 2 kms? I think I could do it but then how do I get back.

    You sure got a nice spot. Just be careful, but at least you are on the straights and not after a curve. take away the MPH and I think I could do 130 kph

    I've seen sidecar races on the telly but not in person. Must look like a ballet when they move from side to side

    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. Yes, Bob, we walked 2 km there and back! It is 3 km to the Creek, so this was more! (but,no hills). Keep an eye out for today's races; that was scary! You gotta do what you gotta do!
      I do love watching the sidecars! Stay tuned!