Winter Barn Owl

Winter Barn Owl
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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Back to the Races

Day 2 of racing took us to Bradden Bridge to watch the 600 Supersport.
Guy Martin (everyone's fav!)

A different angle for the sidecars!

The following race was watched up on the mountain at a very famous place called Creg-ny-baa.  The view was breathtaking from both sides of the road!

We chose our spot along the grassy knoll, in a farmer's field.  We were joined by the 'pit crew' of the leading TT champion, so far this year, Michael Dunlop.  They are there to hold up signs for the racers to let them know what their race position is and if it is time to refuel.
K wanted to take a picture of me, enjoying the day, so the pit crew thought it would be funny to 'photo bomb' me. 
 If you have ever wondered what those signs say, have a look.  
Too hilarious!
Even I, a seasoned race watcher, could not believe 
the speed and proximity of the racers!

Back to the Port Erin Station for a dinner of Lamb Shanks (again, I know) and smothered chicken (called a Station Stack) for K.


  1. B:

    I don't blame you for getting the Lamb Shanks, maybe even order it tomorrow too, after all it has to tide you over until next year.

    Doesn't appear to be that many crowds (onlookers) where you were. I think K needs one of those sidecar racers. His chicken looked tasty too but then I am hungry

    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. My lamb was good, but a little on the skinny side as another friend noted! There were lots of people there, but I only focused my pictures mainly on the racers. 40,000 people come over for the races! We keep looking for viewing areas that are not too crowded. This one was 'off the beaten path'!

  2. I think if K stuck his nose out over the grassy knoll a bit farther it might have been gone. Enjoy your lamb (baaaaa.)

    1. He did get a close shave that day! Only afterwards do you realize what a risk you are taking! Beats the amusement park for thrills!
      Now you are making me feel guilty about ordering lamb; hmmm, I think I will have it again tonight. It was tasty!

  3. Wow, I can`t believe how fast they are going, what maniacs ahhaha. Super stuff Barbara.

    1. I have to try to not think about how close they are to me, otherwise, I would freak out and not want to watch! Thanks Nate!