Winter Barn Owl

Winter Barn Owl
Life's a Hoot !

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Tin Bath Harbour Races

We thought we came to the IOM for the motorcycle races, but no, we were wrong!
They were having races in the harbour in old Tin Bathtubs!

This poor guy didn't even get off the starting line, because his boat caught on fire!
This guy looks like he is about to sink!
And this poor fella lost his paddles!
A few flying leaps off the break wall.....

....and on to the inner tube snake race!

 The symbol of  the IOM, the Three legged Man
Back to the Cottage for a light supper!
Next time, back to visit with the Mann Sanctuary cats.....


  1. Inner tube snake races ... now that looks like fun.

    1. Ya, but judging from the shivering people coming out of the water, it was freaking cold!

  2. B:

    Those races look very entertaining. Does look a bit too cool though

    You were lucky to get a good vantage point for photos.

    bob: riding the wet coast

    1. It was tons of fun. With a camera in hand, most people will let you get close to the action!