Winter Barn Owl

Winter Barn Owl
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Friday, August 22, 2014

Right in the thick of it!

We are very fortunate to have made friends on the Island, 
one of whom is the Head of Motorsport.
After a lovely lunch,he presented us with 4 'grid passes'.
This allowed us to be 'right there' on the grid with the racers, as they headed off!
 We started our viewing from the is how it looks from up top

 We snaked our way to the front of the racers as they were preparing to start
I couldn't believe it when I found myself right next to John McGuinness, 
winner of an amazing 21 TT's! (video to follow on another blog).

Here are some of the other racers!
A jubilant Ollie Linsdell, winner of the 2013 500cc Classic TT,  chatting with his girlfriend
Racers passing us on pit lane
A lovely drive home through the picturesque mountains
Then home for tasty spaghetti dinner!
More to come.....


  1. Finally the race is on ... don't recognize any of the names (sorry.) Looks like you had a few photo bombers in your video =D

    1. It was hard to avoid all the people in pit lane. I was more worried that I was in Their way! It was exhilarating!