Winter Barn Owl

Winter Barn Owl
Life's a Hoot !

Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Nature Walk

As we have been to the 'Island' many times, 
we always look for something new and different.
We found a lovely coastal walking path south of Castletown,
 at Scarlett Point, which is part of
 'The Raad ny Foillan or 'Way of the Gull'

 After a 3 km hike, we headed to the Calf of Man to check out the waves was a super windy day!
Even the birds were so tired of fighting the wind, 
they had to take a break on a visitor's car!
We ended the day at the Crosby Inn to watch the practice 
and have a bite of dinner.....

 Off to the paddock tomorrow!


  1. What, no rain? The beach looks lovely ... is that steak and kidney pie? (Bet it wasn't Ken's dinner if it was!)

    1. The beach was actually sea floor at low tide. Hard to walk on. You guessed right, Ken had the fish, but mine didn't have kidneys, only beef and beer.

  2. B:

    not much sand, but rugged and photogenic. I like to watch the waves crash on the rocks. I also like to explore those tide pools. You had the beach all to yourselves

    You can have my portion of the kidneys too. I am not fond of organs . . .

    bob: riding the wet coast