Winter Barn Owl

Winter Barn Owl
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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Toulouse, France

I have had the good fortune of visiting Toulouse, France, many times throughtout my life and I continue to fall in love with it each time I visit.  The stunning architecture exemplifies the grandeur of years gone by.

The city is a walker's paradise, with many grand buildings and statues.

One of my favourite restaurants is L'Entrecote!
 The only question they ask you is:
 how would you like your steak cooked?.
A light salad with walnuts starts the meal, followed by steak in a mustard sauce and fries.

With plenty for seconds
Every visit to France should include 
a glass of rosé on an outside terrace! 

Fountains and Carousels for adults and kids alike.....

 Such a lovely start to a Holiday.


  1. The steak looks good - sunglasses suit you, but you look so serious for someone enjoying a rose on the terrace, where's the smile ;0D

    1. I was pensively contemplating the fabulous lunch I was about to assured, I was smiling the whole day!