Winter Barn Owl

Winter Barn Owl
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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Bordeaux by dusk and nightfall

As my sister lives in France, we were very fortunate to have one of her friends, Greg, guide us  around the city; as only a local can.  First stop Place du Parlement.
The city is made for 'urban hikers' (thanks K.),
and we walked for miles and miles stop: Place de la Bourse
In the evening, the water in front of the building creates a fabulous reflection (stay tuned).

I always find it amazing to see how the old blends in with the new.  Here are some perfect examples:
A swanky shopping venue

Modern art in an old courtyard
 Greg knew all right places to eat, so we headed to his favourite restaurant that specialized in 'open faced sandwiches', called Tartines.  As a starter we were offered a selection of
charcuterie and cheese, 'on the house'!!
I chose the foie gras and apples......

  while Trish opted for the smoked salmon

After such a fabulous meal, we had to walk it off, so headed back to the Place de la Bourse for the night show.  It was breathtaking!!!!

 Thank you Greg, for being such a gracious host.

Next up: The Pyla Dune