Winter Barn Owl

Winter Barn Owl
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Sunday, October 25, 2015

New York, New York

With Autumn upon us, and leaves swirling around the yard outside my window, my thoughts take me back to 2011 and my first visit to New York city since the early 80's.
Since the horrific events in 2001, the city has made great efforts to welcome tourists back and; Times Square still bustles with throngs of camera yielding visitors (me included).
One of the fun aspects is the giant video that captures people milling about.  If you look closely in the centre, you can see me with my face covered by my camera.

My traveling companion was V Star Lady and we tried to visit as many notable sites as we could.  First stop; the majestic Penn Station

  Next up, St. Paul's Chapel, which served as a place of rest and refuge for recovery workers at the World Trade Centre site in 2001.
 We walked everywhere we went, so as to not miss any of the 'feel' of the city and its interesting architecture.

After many kilometers and hints of blisters, we treated ourselves to a wonderful dinner at a French Bistro
(C.H., can you guess what I ordered??)

 For our second day, our aim was to walk around Little Italy.  Starting our day at the crack of dawn, we needed to get some sustenance and found this charming pastry shop.
Pounding the pavement is hungry work, so 'when in Itlay',
 Italian food it is!

We were lucky enough to get tickets to the taping of a very popular U.S. TV show, THE VIEW. 
  One of the hosts is well known comedienne, Whoopi Goldburg
After the show, we walked through Central Park and happened upon the St. Patrick's Day parade.
 That evening we dined and were entertained at the retro 1950's eatery, Ellen's stardust diner where the waiters are aspiring actors and singers.  They periodically jump onto a walkway between the tables and burst into song.  Quite a fun evening.

The following day, after a hearty breakfast......
....we took the free Staten Island Ferry
 to meet up with Lady Liberty......
.....and see a side of Manhattan (south) that never seems to make it into the movies???
While people watching is fascinating, celebrity sightings are a common pass time.  During our shopping spree at Macy's, we bumped into Ivanka Trump (Donald's daughter)....such a beautiful girl.
 Goodbye NY! There will be another visit to
 'The City that Never Sleeps' soon.

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