Winter Barn Owl

Winter Barn Owl
Life's a Hoot !

Saturday, September 2, 2017


Time has a way of erasing some of the past 'Ways Of Life' and traditions, and the Isle of Man is not immune to it, but 'life the way it used to be' is alive and well in the village of Cregneash.
Here, the last stronghold of the Manx language and customs, continue on with recreations and quaint crofters cottages.
Their way of life was very simple; farming and fishing to stay alive.
The inside of this farmhouse was filled with smoke from the fire, their only source of heat to cook and stay warm

The Loghtan sheep was their main livestock (as is today as well), and they are unique with 4 horns

The barn was home to a 4 month old baby.
He only has 2 horns now, but the other 2 will grow in
A unique type of patchwork quilting kept their beds warm at night.

Wool from the sheep was also spun into wool for clothing
Some households were a little more prosperous than others,
with separate rooms for living and laundry

The dairy room
It was one of the sunny days on the island
and the view out to The Sound was fantastic
Good bye Cregneash

Off to the Ramsay Sprints tomorrow!

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